Behind the Foundation: How going cruelty free saves millions of lives

When we buy our mascara, lipstick, eyeliner or any other type of foundation we usually look for the same thing: will it look good on me? does it match my skin tone? will it go with what I am wearing for tonight?

But usually we don’t think about the ingredients or how the product was made to get onto the shelves and into our hands and our bodies.

Animal testing is the act  of companies “choosing to develop or use new, untested ingredients in their cosmetic products,will  conduct new animal tests to assess the safety of these new ingredients“.

These animals face severe, inhumane and cruel torture for the safety of a product when their safer non threatening alternatives that are available to big corporation laboratory. SOme alternative procedures include:

  • EpiSkin™, EpiDerm™ and SkinEthic—each composed of artificial human skin—can save thousands of rabbits each year from painful skin corrosion and irritation tests.
  • The Bovine Corneal Opacity and Permeability Test and Isolated Chicken Eye Test use eyes from animals slaughtered for the meat industry instead of live rabbits to detect chemicals and products that are severely irritating to the eyes.

Over 100 million animals are tortured every day through cosmetic testing.

So how can you make a difference?

There are numerous ways to help put an end to animal testing.

First thing first, know what cruelty free and animal testing symbols look like to spot them next time you buy lipstick or foundation. veganandcrueltyfree

Here are the explanations and further insight on each label.

Second, be aware of the products/brands that are cruelty free and aren’t. There are good websites on the internet but Cruelty Kitty does an excellent job and is top rated.

And last but not least, surf the internet PETA, The Humane Society and other organizations dedicate themselves to ending animal testing, make a donation even if it’s only $5. THey have tons and oodles of resources that can step you in the right direction.

But why do all of this? Why pay an extra five dollars more for an ok-looking lipstick when you can buy eyeliner for less than $7 dollars? Or really nice highlighters that aren’t cruelty free?

Because these animals don’t deserve this.
Because these animals did not sign up for this?
This was forced on them.
There are other alternatives.
And their lives matter too, just as much as ours.

Would you buy the same mascara that was tested on your pet dog or cat that made their eyes bleed?


“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Also, the caption photo is an actual photo

NIH Testing on Monkeys



  1. That is such a horrible picture!!! I am vegan and buy cruelty free and not animal tested products. The thing is, I own pet bunnies and those look just like my Ivar. I think Ill go and give him a treat and a cuddle! Great article!

    Liked by 1 person

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