Remedies For the Winter Blues

It’s been cold. It’s been rainy, god bless. It’s been cold and rainy keeping us inside from the cold cold wet winter. So what do you do for a cold winter? What can you do? Sometimes Netflix and Chill doesn’t come up to par. Try these remedies for a day in and some good old self love

Skin Care
-Popping pimples got you pooped? Try these easy homemade remedies here
– In a hurry and you just gotta pop that bad guy? Here’s the right way to do it
– One word. Egg Yolk Face Mask (okay four)

This. Is. All. You. Need.
-Chips and Tabasco Sauce
-Popcorn w/pepper or any topping you like (Tabasco sauce)
– Ice Cream anything
– Healthy? Try these Parfait Recipes or this one

Stay Smart-Books, Films, Shows
– White Teeth/Swing Time (Book)
– The Alchemist (Book)
– The Catcher in the Rye (Book)
– American Beauty (film)
– Juno (film)
– The Dark Knight (film)
– 10 Things I Hate About You (film)
– Spongebob Sqaurepants (Up till Season 5)
– Steven Universe (Television)
– Anything from your childhood (ANYTHING)

Meme nap frog.png

Love yourself! Even if it’s summer or fall in Jupiter or Pluto don’t forget to squeeze some time for yourself and recharge and rebalance your beautiful soul


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