Poetry #2

Hey girl
No hate
Don’t disrespect
Leave that attitude for your mama
To wash that away
Along with your plates

Not even hungry
I’m fed and full
Making my own moves
So drop that shit
Preaching for peace but baby girl remember
You can’t be giving it out in pieces
Like the body of Christ
On Holy Communion on Easter

Look at us
All up in my grill
All I’m doing is telling the truth
What you doing?
Looking like a fool



  1. A very different style and message but your poem made me think of this (and the tasty extra cred).

    A Man’s World
    Esau Carpenter 9-06-16

    Raised by single women I learned
    How to nurture my obsessions.-
    How to confess nothing and
    Cry by my lonesome.-
    How to hold grudges and pinch
    Every one of the family’s pennies.

    I learned that addiction is
    Warm company- that money
    Is arbitrary- that God wrote his
    Own obituary.

    I learned how pathetic- how diminutive-
    My struggles were:
    Nurtured with the utmost of all love
    Yet tearing myself away from it at any chance I get.

    Above all,
    I learned how to be a man
    In a world where there were none.-
    Expected to conquer without knowledge
    Of warfare or king-hood,
    Yet ridden with blood-lust and sadism
    Like all women, I learned how to endure-
    How to smile while biting through my tongue-
    And most importantly…
    How to fake
    And manipulate

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