De Anza’s trendsetters are their own trend

Young woman at De Anza choose comfort and authenticity as a mode of self expression over the fashion trends when it comes deciding what wear for the day.

Brianna Barnes, 20, psychology major gets her inspiration from all walks of life, including social media platform Instagram, celebrities, friends and old pictures of her mom.


Her inspirations tailor her to the stores and shops she biys her clothes from. ” go to a few different places. I like thrifting. I find really good statement pieces, good basics. I’ve been going to Brandy Melville a lot recently. The sale section is where it’s at. I end up finding a lot of cute clothes around the house. They’ll either be my mom’s, my dad’s, or my grandpa’s” said Brianna.

Fashion goes beyond the basic statement piece as well, it allows room for self expression and choices limitless. An aspect of yourself, reflected through those fabrics and outfits assembled,

“It honestly depends on how I’m feeling that day. Some days I’ll feel like I wanna dress girly, I’ll dress girly. Some days I want to dress more masculine or androgynous, so I’ll do so but when I do, I like wearing makeup. I like the contrast. Overall…it’s like I can be girly, but I can also be a tomboy” said Brianna.

“My style is definitely reflective of the confidence I’ve gained over the last couple of years. I’ve learned to be secure with my body and not let my self-image restrict what I want to wear. Feeling good about myself is definitely my first priority when picking what to put on” said Victoria Perematko (pictured left below), 17, liberal arts major.


Victoria hound her haul through the streets of San Francisco, vintage thrift shops and unique pieces call her name.

Self expression is the only mode in style. Only you can use your trend and what you feel looks good on you. Doesn matter who’s wearing what? Comfy? Painful? Beautiful? Extravagant? Minimalistic? It’s you. WHo else would wear you better than you? An impression. Not the clothes, not the clothes it only leaves the eye to be distracted. Itś a helping hand if not it is what we use to bring out our own features.

But of course we all have that one piece of clothing we hold so dearly to and love all our hearts. That little magic that when worn, we can conquer the world.

” I have a wonderful dark blue cardigan that goes with just about anything! It’s warm and long and I’ve been wearing it for years now. It’s been with me through a lot and it’s my go to when I need to toss something on, on my way out of the house.”

“One of my best friends was nice enough to cop me this Logic bomber. If you don’t know, Logic is this DOPE rapper; he’s probably my favorite rapper right now. The storyline of his second album is based around space, so this jacket is decked out is NASA type patches. I thought it was extremely thoughtful, and being as the weather has been pretty chilly lately, I’ve been trying to incorporate it into more of my outfits without getting called out for wearing it too much”


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